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9 November 2007 3:22 AM (gnome | america | spain | music | guile | spoon | grease | france | trains)

Today I went to the ugliest bar in Spain. The fluorescent lights gave palpable white form to the smoke. The walls were greasy tile, and the domestic whisky sat on dusty shelves. We drank beer out of 20 cL bottles. I imagine it was cheap; I did not pay.


(If you are seeing this on my web site and I haven't yet fixed things: scroll down, there are photos)

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Missing from the photographic documentation is my trip to Long Island (maritime suburbia) and to Manhattan (the A train actually exists). New York is interesting, with an energy of its own.

further travel

The states trip was wonderful, but it recedes in time. Last weekend I went to Paris, with a bit of a train theme -- night train there and back, breaking into the petite ceinture, going to a museum in an old train station. (Wild to think that the Manet and Monet déjeuner sur l'herbe pieces coincided with Marx's Capital.)

pdf foo

Thanks for recent feedback regarding slides and PDF validity; will be pushing those bugs upstream.


I documented a few more modules; click for more info.


May I clarify regarding Spoon: PURCHASE NOT their latest "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga", rather indulging in "Girls Can Tell", which is more satisfying.

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  1. jonner says:

    Although, you can't really go wrong with spoon. kill the moonlight and gimme fiction are pretty damn good too. But each one has a bit of a different feel.

  2. Stu says:

    What is up with the rails in that station they look all bumpy

  3. wingo says:

    Stu: Dunno. Perhaps we can blame it on Spain; "if only the centralist Madrid government would return this comptency to Catalunya"...

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