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I have regressed yet again, snagging a copy of Midnight Marauders from the interwebs. A fine, fine album. Award Tour is still such an excellent track.

WXYC continues to delight.

levelling up

Unexpectedly, after a class on Thursday, the instructor gave me the nivell blau, which lets me take out dinghies from the municipal sailing center whenever I want. Yay!

Also unexpectedly, and still undigested, my aikido instructor said that I should present myself for shodan this march coming up. Lots of training necessary. Hopefully I can get in five or eight hours a week until then.

More predictably, I signed up for a new year of yoga at the local iyengar center. Iyengar schools seem to be progressive; this particular school has six levels, which have separate classes. +1 flexibility.


Been hacking guile-gnome docs a lot in the last couple weeks. Will write more on that later, just wanted to get out the link now: 1000 pages of generated documentation: classes, properties, signals, functions, methods. I'm up to GTK+, a few libraries to go and all of the platform libraries will be documented. Still room for tweaks though.

fodder (for rumination)

When women let their hair down, it means either sexiness or craziness or death.

Margaret Atwood, Ophelia has a lot to answer for

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  1. The way to go « programming musings says:

    [...] The way to go A long, long time ago, in what seems now another galaxy, Scheme (in its Guile incarnation) was destined to be Gnome’s extension language. It even featured one of the best window managers i’ve used, until its author disappeared under an apple tree. These Mono days, all those good intentions are forgotten, except for a few fine hackers like Andy Wingo. He’s been putting together an impressive set of Guile bindings for many libraries in the GTK+ and Gnome families and, recently, he’s started documenting them. A first stab is available here. Yeah, Guile is not the nicest Scheme around, nor is Gnome my favorite desktop environment, but still it’s good to see people striving to make our computer world a better place to live. Way to go, Andy! [...]

  2. ricky youngblood says:

    Dude. That is totally rad. On all accounts.

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