planetary rotations

Good evening, internets!

I am not doing a very good job at existing both online and off. Indeed this summer word-drought correlates with real-world motion, to Paris and England and the Netherlands, and back and back and back. Tonight I'm looking out at a working week here, then a flight to LA for a wedding and work, out to Montreal for the Scheme Workshop, to North Carolina to see the folks, back to LA, then Paris and home.

pon'drous & heavy: planetary rotations

With orbits like these, it's hard to keep centered, which is where I hack and write best. Still some things have managed to come off well -- Guile progresses towards a 2.0 release, though with a couple more milestone releases than predicted. I'll write about 1.9.12 when it goes out in a few days.

The recent GNU Hackers Meeting in the Hague turned out well. There were 40 or 45 people there. The talks were good, and the side-channel conversations were also good. Videos should be up shortly

I feel like we're in a kind of renaissance of GNU as a community of hackers -- that as our virtual community coalesces into real affinity networks, GNU hackers gain a sense of the possible, and of the will to get there. We're in a fortunate position I think -- we have the means to effect a large hack, so discovering our own possibilities is that much more exciting, and empowering.

Also on the GHM note, I should say something about the Revelation Space, which hosted the meeting. Well, it would have been nice already if it had only had our needs covered, which it did, but to us the revspace was made excellent by being so low-key, trusting and comfortable that we really felt at home. This feeling had a directly positive impact on the quality of our meeting. So thanks again, revspacers, and happy hacking!

Anyway, this is just to break the ice a bit, and see if I can get back in the rhythm of writing. Happy hack to all, and to all a good hack!

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