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new beginnings

javascript in 2011

value representation in javascript implementations

what does v8 do with that loop?

on-stack replacement in v8

security implications of jit compilation

v8: a tale of two compilers

static single assignment for functional programmers

a closer look at crankshaft, v8's optimizing compiler

from ssa to native code: v8's lithium language

a schemer at

JavaScriptCore, the WebKit JS implementation

webkittens! lexical scoping is in danger!

javascript eval considered crazy

eval, that spectral hound

stranger in these parts

dltool mines dwarf

inside javascriptcore's low-level interpreter

quasiconf 2012: lisp @ froscon

corps: bespoke text codecs

on generators

thoughts on blink

inside full-codegen, v8's baseline compiler

generators in v8

no master

ecmascript generators from a performance perspective

but that would be anarchy!

time for money

es6 generators and iteration in spidermonkey

a register vm for guile

optimizing let in spidermonkey

a continuation-passing style intermediate language for guile

elf in guile

es6 generator and array comprehensions in spidermonkey

effects analysis in guile

flow analysis in guile

high-performance packet filtering with pflua

ffconf 2014

generators in firefox now twenty-two times faster

scheme workshop 2014

state of js implementations, 2014 edition

arrow functions coming to chrome 45!

Pfmatch, a packet filtering language embedded in Lua

developing v8 with guix

two paths, one peak: a view from below on high-performance language implementations

embracing conway's law

the half strap: self-hosting and guile

unboxing in guile

guile compiler tasks

a lambda is not (necessarily) a closure

a simple (local) solution to the pay gap

encyclopedia snabb and the case of the foreign drivers

guile 2.2 omg!!!

an early look at p4 for software networking

growing fibers

a new concurrent ml

notes from the fosdem 2018 networking devroom

design notes on inline caches in guile

lightweight concurrency in lua

correct or inotify: pick one

heap object representation in spidermonkey

bigint shipping in firefox!

lightening run-time code generation

pictie, my c++-to-webassembly workbench

firefox's low-latency webassembly compiler

multi-value webassembly in firefox: from 1 to n

multi-value webassembly in firefox: a binary interface

understanding webassembly code generation throughput

a baseline compiler for guile

malloc as a service

on "binary security of webassembly"

webassembly: the new kubernetes?


blocks and pages and large objects

an optimistic evacuation of my wordhoard

unintentional concurrency

coarse or lazy?

just-in-time code generation within webassembly

accessing webassembly reference-typed arrays from c++

new month, new brainworm

on "correct and efficient work-stealing for weak memory models"

the sticky mark-bit algorithm

ephemerons and finalizers

are ephemerons primitive?

a simple semi-space collector

we iterate so that you can recurse

i'm throwing ephemeron party & you're invited

ephemeral success

parallel ephemeron tracing

three approaches to heap sizing

whippet: towards a new local maximum

pre-initialization of garbage-collected webassembly heaps

a world to win: webassembly for the rest of us

structure and interpretation of capacitor programs

structure and interpretation of react native

structure and interpretation of nativescript

structure and interpretation of flutter

structure and interpretation of ark

approaching cps soup

parallel futures in mobile application development

requiem for a stringref

tree-shaking, the horticulturally misguided algorithm

the last 5 years of V8's garbage collector

v8's mark-sweep nursery

sir talks-a-lot

v8's precise field-logging remembered set

scheme modules vs whole-program compilation: fight

missing the point of webassembly

micro macro story time

partitioning pitfalls for generational collectors

on hoot, on boot

growing a bootie

hoot's wasm toolkit

cps in hoot

copying collectors with block-structured heaps are unreliable

finalizers, guardians, phantom references, et cetera

whippet progress update: funding, features, future

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