schoolnet, guile-gnome


The folks from Schoolnet Namibia are up in the north at the moment. I was working on some email last night, calmly settling down with a cup of tea while the rest of the family slept, when I got the call. It was Joris, coming to pick me up so we could go out to the bar. True to form, five minutes later I was walking under moonless skies to meet him at the school.

They're doing some interesting things these days. Rollouts of computer labs are happening more and more frequently. The technicians are making dorkier and dorkier jokes, and everyone seems to wear something penguin-related. Schoolnet's putting computers in schools, but just as importantly, they're building up a local techie population. Good stuff.


I'm hacking up a gnome-vfs module to use mtools to access floppy drives. There's a nifty thing called floppyd that allows access to the floppy on think clients. Mtools natively supports floppyd, which is nice. We'll see how that goes.


Release coming soon! I'm going to use this space to pimp some of the neat things you can do with it. Bated-breath mode on!

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