can take over your life. guile-gnome docs (temporary location), more work on the texinfo->scheme->html code, etc. At least it's not dog-slow and ugly like docbook :O


rocks. I keep forgetting to say this :) It's wonderful. Of course it's not emacs, but if you want to embed a small text editor into your application, using GtkSourceView gives you multi-level undo/redo, buffer change notification, and syntax highlighting, on top of what you already have from GtkTextBuffer/GtkTextView. Way to go, source view fellows.


I think I'm ready to move back. After working so long on the interface to soundscrape, I'm ready to concentrate on music again. I might have to go cold-turkey on hacking for a while to really bring back the drive to experiment. We'll see.


Is unexpectedly stabilizing. I'm happy, pretty much, with the state of the core code. Now it's just polishing around the edges of individual bindings, and sorting out some subproject situations so that we can release.


Is about knee-high. Some of it's shooting up towards waist level, but mostly it's still short. The fields are greening.

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