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Managing Agricultural Water Impacts

Elizabeth Covalla
Industrial Engineering--Political Science

Chethan Pandarinath
Computer Engineering--Science, Technology and Society

James Williams
Mechanical Engineering--Science, Technology and Society

Jon Williams
Environmental Engineering--Philosophy

Andy Wingo
Nuclear Engineering--Physics--Spanish
Supervised by Drs. Joseph R. Herkert and Jerome P. Lavelle
North Carolina State University

Fall 2001


This technology assessment explores the degree to which agriculture affects the quality and quantity of water resources available in the United States. The magnitude of agricultural water impacts is quantified to the extent possible and selected impacts related to groundwater overdraft and surface water diversion are explored in detail. Technological tools available to help relieve agricultural water impacts are described, as are policy tools available to the Congress. A list of priority policy options to help effect agricultural water resource sustainability in the United States is presented and analyzed.

Keyword List

agricultural water impacts, policy options, groundwater overdraft, surface water diversion, non-pointsource pollution, technology assessment, best management practices, resource depletion

Andy Wingo 2001-12-10