quasiconf 2012: lisp @ froscon

Are you a Lisper, in the big-tent sense of the term? You within a day's transport of St. Augustin in Germany? Well shucks, have I got a thing for you: Quasiconf, a lisp sub-conference of FrOSCon, held next weekend (25-26 August 2012).

The full program isn't quite out yet, but they invited yours truly to talk there, and talk I will. In fact I'll talk thrice: they gave me 90 minutes, so I'll do three little presentations.

In the first, I'll finally give that talk I've been threatening to do for years, about why delimited continuations are the bee's knees, how they can be implemented, and what kind of lovely code they enable. The example will be a small memcached server and client.

Next I'll talk about things that implementing JavaScript has taught me about Scheme implementations. They were very surprising lessons to me, so I hope they will entertain the attendees. No spoilers, though!

Finally, now that Guile 2.0 has been out for a year and a half or so, it's a good time to look back at what worked well and what didn't. If you are even remotely interested about what it takes to maintain and enhance a mature language implementation, this will be an interesting talk for you. I'll also take the opportunity to summarize the progress on the development branch, which will probably be Guile 2.2.

So that's the thing. It's somewhat of a late announcement, but hey, if you can go, it's pretty much free and should be an interesting get-together. See you there!

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  1. Pascal Bourguignon says:

    It's 2012: the whole Earth is at less than one day of travel to St. Augustin, Germany. Ok, you exclude Marsians. Good. We dont' want no sticking Marsian. :-)

  2. Dominikus says:

    Great! I'd love to hear all three presentations at FrOSCon, but on their website you seem to have just 60 minutes (http://programm.froscon.de/2012/schedule/2012-08-26.html). Hope they are wrong ;-) See you at FrOSCon!

  3. Moritz Heidkamp says:

    Hey Dominikus,

    so far Andy's slot was a stub so I just set it to 1 hour. I've now updated it in the admin area so it should hopefully appear on the public schedule soon.

    See you in St. Augustin!

  4. Luca Saiu says:

    Very interesting topics; I hope everything went smooth.
    Are there video recordings somewhere?


  5. saulgoode says:

    Some of the videos have been put up at:


    Mr Wingo's was not listed amongst them at the time of this post.

  6. zorg says:

    Andy, do you know if/when the videos will be made available ?
    I'd really like to see the delimited continuations talk

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