gnu at fosdem

Yes indeed, FOSDEM approaches, and this year with 100% less smoke. Rocking.

One novelty of this year is that the GNU project was allocated a DevRoom, where we've planned a whole series of talks.

This is a really fantastic opportunity to work on GNU, the social construct. GNU is largely a virtual organization at this point, with much esprit de corps but little real-world reification. This FOSDEM will be another pearl in the short string of recent hackers' meetings, but, unlike the rest, it's in a more ecumenical context of other groups. More outward-looking, is what I mean to say.

So you wanted to meet Bastien Guerry, Org-Mode hacker extraordinare? He's there. He's speaking! Sweetness! What about Simon Josefsson, the GNU TLS maintainer? What ho! And Ralf Wildenhues, autoconf hero? A veritable hit parade, this room.

Alas, the room is marred slightly by a talk by yours truly, at 14h on Saturday, so either make sure you're there, or make sure you're not there, as preference dictates. The topic is Guile, of course; after a brief propagandistic schtick on how Guile is the knees of the bees, I will -- if things go well -- show some live hacking, just so folks get a feel about how it is to hack with Guile. Extending a web application while it's running. Because that's part of it, you know?

Maybe? Maybe you prefer to go to Dave Neary's talk, and I would understand. I would. But his room only holds so many, so when it's full, come visit us over at H.2214, the GNU room!

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  1. Alan says:

    That sounds awesome, Andy. Please let us know if there's some way to see some (recorded?) version of the talk, and/or materials, for those of us unable to attend in person.

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