17 November 2009 9:39 PM (sex pistols | anarchy)

Quoth Johnny Rotten: "You're only twenty nine, got a lot to learn". In my case, both conditions hold, and, regarding the latter:

Who knew?

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  1. Karl Lattimer says:

    Dude, wtf! WHERE THE FUCK! did you find this?!?! LMFAO!

    In the words of Sid Vicious, "I just started jumping around because it was the only thing I knew how to do"

  2. Aaron Strontsman says:

    Awesome. I vectorised this image a few days ago for Wikipedia...

  3. Aaron Strontsman says:

    ... although I haven't understood it either. Might actually be a joke.

  4. Mike Gran says:

    That's the steps for East Coast Pogo. West Coast Pogo has an extra shuffle ball change between 2 and 3.

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