dangling pointers

I have here three pointers into the ether.

with apologies to rubén darío

A conversation between Dave Moon, Dan Weinreb, and Cliff Click on Azul, a massive multiprocessor Java machine.

The Azul is a Java machine like the Symbolics that Moon and Weinreb worked on was a Lisp machine. Easily the most interesting read of the last week or two, via Michael Weber.

This one will be on the final exam.

house in order

The company I work for, Oblong Industries, just opened up their web site on Friday. Go check it out!

I like how they hook visitors with the videos, then pull a Yegge with all of the text they have there. I approve!

on repeat

Silver Jews' latest album, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea, is quite addictive. It's no American Water but I can't get enough of Party Barge.

Send us your coordinates, I'll send a Saint Bernard...

3 responses

  1. Colin Walters says:

    Yeah, the Azul boxes are pretty fascinating. One does wonder when tighter VM-OS-hardware integration will start to become mainstream. On general purpose mainstream OSes the first pair is generally pretty sad, Android being a notable exception.

    What amazes me the most about the Azul systems though is how good they made GC. 10 Gigs/second of garbage and it doesn't break a sweat.

  2. Andy Wingo says:

    Yeah Colin, I'm quite in awe of a number of things that they did. The wide tagging allows them to encode the generation into the pointer directly -- and indeed encode the class itself into the pointer, which is pretty crazy.

    Now, if only the JVM had tail calls...

  3. Pete says:

    The oblong video is pretty cool even though I get the impression you can't really do anything productive with it yet. Shooting floating Chinese characters did look like a lot of fun.

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