stable guile-gnome released

Hackers, slackers, countrymen and countrywomen:

Guile-Gnome-Platform, that beast of the dual hyphen, has finally reached stability. You might say that the API and the ABI are as stable as the hills, but we like to put it like this: "Write once, run anywhen"

(Amused tittering)

From the release notes:

There are several things that are the awesome about this code:

  • It's fully integrated!
    Instances of GObject are objects in Scheme; you can query their properties, class hierarchies, etc at runtime. You can derive new types yourself, with signals, properties, and the like. Good stuff!

  • It's fully documented!
    Start with the tutorial/reference docs for the core GObject wrapper, then branch out into individual modules.

  • Fully extensible!
    Guile-Gnome-Platform also provides a good base off of which to bind other libraries based on GLib. For example, Guile-Clutter binds almost all of the new Clutter library, with documentation, and most of that work was done in a day.

  • Stable!
    Write once, run anywhen! Guile-Gnome's API and ABI will never be changed incompatibly.

  • Scheme!
    You will be assimilated, or alternately, gnawed to death by fingernail clippings.


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