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16 March 2008 6:40 PM (edward tufte | tufte | poetry | slumping beast)

Edward Tufte speaks and writes about the iPhone. Interesting stuff. Tufte's radical perspectives on interface are quite interesting to me as a marginal player in the computing world[1].

The things I do are a bit odd, off-beat, but that's fine: I don't have many institutional constraints. I can build any kind of pixel combination that I want[2]. So onward minimal infocentric interfaces, and onward those hacking for unchanneled goals.

verses, favorite

I am terribly, terribly ignorant regarding poetry. Still, in reference to verse: WCW's This is just to say. Yeats' The second coming. And regarding the rest: ignorance. Unknown territories worthy of exploration? Please comment.

[1] radical: of or going to the root or origin; fundamental
[2] I just mistyped "build" as "guile"

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  1. Leif says:

    I second the plum poem but am equally ignorant.

  2. j85wilson says:

    I am a huge fan of the Victorian English poets, most especially Christina Rossetti, followed by the Brownings (Elizabeth Barrett and Robert). My taste for this genre was, naturally, heavily influenced by the amount of time I spent in Baylor University's Armstrong Browning Library as an undergraduate. If you're ever in central Texas, go check it out.

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