I'm a bit blogstipated currently, but wanted to mention:


In our last episode, I had posted some slides from the last Scheme Workshop in some kind of invalid PDF format; seems to have been a cairo bug. With a newer cairo, I remade the slides. Please let me know if they still broken. Kthx!


If you write in an unclear way about big ideas, you produce something that seems tantalizingly attractive to inexperienced but intellectually ambitious students.

Philosophy is mumbo jumbo and stuff, P. Graham

Interestingly, to my solipsism anyway, I just learned what Kant's categorical imperative is last night. I was reading Moral Minds by Marc Hauser, on gushing recommendation from a friend. I am currently re-evaluating that friendship. The book seems glib and spongiform, 20 pages in.


Just started listening to Spoon. How catchily delicious!

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  1. Pablo Rodríguez says:

    The slides seem to be broken. No attached font is displayed (the 29 pages seem to be empty) and Acrobat 7 for Windows warns right after opening the document: "Extended Graphic State 's2140615292' cannot be found" (this is my translation, since the message is in Spanish).

  2. Thomas Thurman says:

    Are yimwe, mbali and ndatu Lojban or something?

  3. Nathan Myers says:

    That particular Paul Graham essay has value 0.5. You can compute the value of a PG essay yourself; start with 1.0, and halve it for each occurrence of the word "Lisp". (One of them, "Being Popular", has value 2^(-85), or, if you prefer, (pow 2. -85)—a remarkably small number—and contains the substring "Lisp Lisp. Lisp".) The latest two essays are worth 1.0 each.

  4. wingo says:

    Thomas, sorry for the delay, but they are Oshiwambo. They probably share structure with other languages in the Bantu family, though.

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