monday evening dispatches

Nothing momentous today, just some blabberings. Vacation was quite fine, thank you for wondering! (No, I cannot yet eskimo roll. Yes, I can stand up on the surf board, sometimes. Yes, I'm a fool, my camera was not charged.)


The city's holiday has just passed, with pagan processions (fire-wielding devils), delicious portside wine tasting, street percussion, fireworks, temporary life at the wasteland known as the Forum. A marker for the end of the summer; while I still sit writing on the terrace, it is now with a sweater.


Ran into Steve Dekorte's web site today, a wonderfully fresh exercise in minimalism, read it all. Also, good taste in software, linking to the Synthesis kernel papers. Stealable ideas all around.


Took advantage of the holiday today to release a new guile-lib, and am working on a new guile-gnome-platform. Unfortunately things will have to sit like they are for a month or more, for reasons enumerated after the following bold header:

the coming days

Lots of upcoming travel. I fly to Freiburg on Saturday, to spend the Sunday at SFP2007, but back to work on Monday, then out to the states on the following Thursday, for a whirlwind NC-NY-CA-OR tour. Two reunions, high school and my peace corps group, both which promise to amuse greatly, and otherwise visiting places and people. What I mean to say to the broader unwitting internet is that I'll be mentally more out than in, and to a larger degree than normal, in the coming month or so. May the intertubes take care of themselves, play nicely, &c.

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