Work's a bit silly right now. Flumotion has accumulated something like 63 bugs fixed for the upcoming 0.4.3 point release. Something's wrong with the pace. I feel like we're doing pretty good work codewise, but we're terrible about being a free software project -- infrequent releases, poor coordination with distros except fedora, poor/outdated documentation, terrible web site, etc. Perhaps this will turn around, but until then I will find solace in clever code in flumotion.common.


Made a stable release of guile-cairo, which I think is the first stable library I've ever released. Neat!

After my profiling, Ludovic Courtes (currently My Hero(tm)) reduced guile load time by something like 60%. Sweet!

Finally, my paper got accepted, against all odds, to the 2007 Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming in Freiburg, Germany. Swell! Also, intimidating.


Bought some new music recently, which I am enjoying.


'Tsaight! Visitors, hacking quite a bit, yoga and (less) aikido. Holding down the barcelona fort in the summertime, making sure that the sun finds bodies on the beach and (soon again) sailors on the sea. Paris in a couple weekends, then the Pyrenees, Germany, and to visit the states by October. The summer comes with its imperative: "leave the house."

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  1. Stéphan K. says:

    I don't see how you're being terrible about being a free software project. From my POV, the things you mention haunt the majority of free software projects. ;)

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