to birmingham!


Tomorrow I fly to Birmingham for GUADEC. I'm very much looking forward to catching up with old people, meeting new ones, and poking various ideas. Also, I am looking forward to a GUADEC without responsibilities -- no video archives to haunt me into the fall.


I upgraded to development GNOME a month or so ago; perhaps the most notable difference to me is gnome-power-manager dimming my display more or less intelligently, and its very nifty power consumption graphs. Richard Hughes does great work and should drink for free this GUADEC!

lexical closure

Hackers loving Emacs must read the wonderful org-mode tutorial.

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  1. Marco Craveiro says:

    hello wingo,

    is guadec 2007 going to be streamed, do you know? can't find any references in the guadec website...

    cheers mate


  2. Ricky Youngblood says:

    Uggghhh.... This better not be the first of the unending "When are the guadec archives going to up?" comments.

    "I am looking forward to a GUADEC without responsibilities"

    My man is going to be chasing tail. Please, let him do his thing in peace.

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