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felicitous coincidences

Yesterday a friend I met in Namibia called to say that he was in town. Dinner ensued. Today, buying a five-pound-plus hunk of meat at the Boquería I ran into another Namibian Peace Corps connection. Yay!


I took a vacation from work this week to do an intensive dinghy sailing course at the municipal sailing center. The center is excellent. It's in a great location (the olimpic port, with its own ramp to the water), the instructors are good for the most part, and the prices are excellent. After reaching a certain level of proficiency, you can take out their boats any time you want for something like 9 euros an hour. Excellent.

We've been sailing RS Visions, a two-person boat with trapeze wires. Trapezing out feels wonderful. Being on the water is something else, it's a completely new perspective on the city, one that places it in a geography, one that takes a larger view.

I was a bit worried that I wasn't going to enjoy it as much on Wednesday when the waves were larger, but yesterday was perfect. Today the course ends, off to GUADEC next week. Perhaps more on that later.

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  1. Pete Trachy says:

    Rad. I cannot wait to go sailing with you. It is awesome that they are getting you out on the wire so soon. Nice little asym kite on that boat.

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