rest in peace, anthony.

26 June 2007 1:49 AM (life's passings)

My good friend and high school roommate, Anthony Bray, passed away this morning.

Talking across the ocean today, my friend Jon said something worth repeating, that he'll maybe be more alert to the signs of depression, and not be shy of speech if he worries about someone.

We will miss you, Anthony.

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  1. rob douglas says:

    sorry for your losses.. :(

  2. Jason DeChicio says:

    Anthony was a good friend of mine also and a special person. We shared a lot of good times during the last ten years and I will miss him greatly as will so many others. It had been several weeks since I spoke with him last...he'd wanted to get together for some grillin' like in the old days. It sounded awesome but I just never found time. I wish I had *made* time. Another lesson to be learned: Make time for those you love, while there is still time to be made.

    I'm sorry Anthony. _We_ _Will_ _Miss_ _You_

  3. John Thacker says:

    Wait, Hedgehog passed away?! Oh, man. And from your comment about depression...

    That's terrible, Andy, just terrible. What a thing to learn from clicking on Planet GStreamer; I'm in shock.

  4. Daniel Stinehelfer says:

    Hey Andy - I saw the obit in the paper today and was stunned. I started doing a little alumni searching today and stumbled across your page. Hope things are going well otherwise...

    RIP Anthony, you will be missed

  5. Shelby Gull Laird says:

    I cannot believe that I just found out that Hedgehog died from the alumni magazine almost a year later!!! I am so sad!

  6. Jay Raval says:

    I'm sorry to hear about Hedgehog, Andy. I was visiting Cheri a few weeks ago when she told me about it. I had run into him several times on Glenwood Avenue prior to leaving NC, and was always talking to me about you fellas and what you were all up to. He was a great guy...I'm sorry he's gone.

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