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Hey hey hey!


jao turns out to be quite the interesting person, in person, despite having recently been seduced by the googlopolis. R6RS will be voted by alist. I have a phone contract now, but Vodafone should be warned that I'm no good at relationships. I signed up for a sailing course. The season of barbecue and fiestas mayores is upon us. A crack appeared in my bike's headset, which was fixed with welding. Ellen graduated. It rained dirt.


I wrote wrappers for Cairo in Guile. Yay scheme.

Jao and I talked loads about various Scheme implementations; none of them is good in everything. They're all compromises. He has a much more open mind about these things, changing from one implementation to the next for different projects, but given my past investment in Guile it would take a lot to change my implementation.

Jao also mentioned a really good point, that the more you like Scheme, the less you like Guile. Ah well, I have a foot in the C world still. The applications that I work on use Gtk and GStreamer, for which I have made pretty good bindings. Still, pretty irritating as a Schemer to see what Common Lisp people have -- portable libraries, excellent implementations, and excellent development environments. Yet another Guy Steele-fostered standard that has lasted. Maybe before switching Schemes I could look at CL.

I'm currently updating guile-gnome to cover the GNOME 2.16 platform. I have the stack updated up to GTK+, including pangocairo and the cairo parts of gdk. A fair bit of work, but I'm managing.

I should decide on a spelling for guile-gnome and stick to it.


I have slid back to my old habits a bit, since thinking I was in control of my email a while back. More email out == more email in. I yet harbor hope.

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  1. Spaniard says:

    Congrats to your sister

  2. Jon Wilson says:

    Could you share the thoughts you and Jao had on various schemes? That'd be awesome, I suspect.

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