mayday, mayday


The storyline and plot are not without some merit, and in the hands of a more talented writer could be quite entertaining and involving, but as this book stands it’s like the shell of a novel of its genre; the author opened his box of crayons and though there were only three, he decided to give it a go anyway.

My friend Tiffany writes about writers. Incidentally, she has declared that she is switching to free software, noting, "fucking wikinomics, dudes."


Leisure \Lei"sure\, n.

[OE. leisere, leiser, OF. leisir, F. loisir, orig., permission, fr. L. licere to be permitted. See {License}.]

Freedom from occupation or business; vacant time; time free from employment.

I've recently had the extreme good luck of being able to work only 3 days a week. My friends keep asking what I do with my time now; in truth this month has been decompression only. My outside-of-work time in the last two years has been fairly well occupied by aikido, at the expense of all kinds of other pursuits. Probably most difficult has been the lack of empty time: time in which to sit and think, to read, to relax and let the mind wander.

The extra time makes me feel a reorientation, towards acting and away from reacting. On that note, or rather as part of the turning, I have begun to tackle my email inbox. If every week I can reduce my mail backlog by two months, I will have a zero-mail bounce by September. The math is a bit scary on that one!

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