photophonic updates


Went home to visit my grandparents about three weeks ago. My family is still a bit nutty in ways the internet shouldn't know about, which is good I suppose.


One word: roller coaster. (Using the definition for dictionary I convinced myself that any dictionary entry is a word.) I must now try the roller coasters here in Barcelona.

I dig on Madrid. Its parks are rich and wild. Barcelona's are dry echos of what parks might be. Madrid's cemetery is striking. Some vizconde is entombed in a temple: "assassinated by the marxist hordes" the inscription.


Going OK, about to finish a development cycle. I've gone down to working 3 days a week so hopefully I'll have more time to poke on other hacking projects.

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  1. Ricky Youngblood says:

    Dude. You keep posting these pictures that break your format. Make the pictures smaller. Make the format different. Save my tendinitis scarred arm from scrolling. Why do you think only part of you silly grin made it in the photo?

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