the wild green yonder

in which our protagonist buys a bike and rides it

I took some days off of work starting tomorrow, but my awesomest plans fell through. Left with days, what's a brother to do except hit the road? Me and a bike that I have yet to pick up from the shop are going to catch a train tomorrow to Irún, where France meets Spain meets the Atlantic. From there, to follow the coast via the Camino de Santiago del Norte, through towns and villages. Mountain passes over early classes.

The upshot being that my camera is a-charging upstairs, in preparation for the morrow, and that I will be off the net, off the cell phone, investigating the human-bike-road interface. Catch you all in October!

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  1. boohoo says:

    guadec archives? :\

  2. Ricky Youngblood says:

    Gnome? Dude, who cares about a conference where people get together to talk about short people who wear little red hats. Get over it. Wingo has a life to live.

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