Both times that I've tried to make the 7:30 aikido class in the last month, I get out of work and find one of my tires is flat. Perhaps they magically reinflate if I leave work later. In any case, yesterday I was prepared with a can of whoop-assflat-fixing foam. It got me about 5 kilometers out, at which point I reached a decent bike shop and had the tube changed.

After coming back from a beer, I found the fellow relaxing a bit. I sat down in his shop and we talked about Lebanon, the Spanish civil war, people. In the middle of changing the flat some guys came in and showed us how to make a brush out of a feather. Nice interactions.


Today I left slow, not racing. Decided to go back by the beach. Slowly pushing the pedals and watching people, clothed and naked. No interactions, but pleasant nonetheless. I'll have to start packing a bathing suit when going to work.


I used to listen to radio a lot in Namibia, but here never got in the habit. Now as I type in the lingering sunlight, BBC news is playing on the computer downstairs. It's comforting. I can't even make out what they're saying, only that the accents soothe.

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  1. boohoo says:

    guadec archives... :\

  2. Ricky Henderson says:

    Could be your tires are not wonderful anymore... Buy expensive new tires! And, I can't help but wonder if you have considered sailing to aikido. ?

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