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advogato roundup

Advogato isn't as usual a haunt for me as it used to be, but I like to browse back occasionally, to see the comfortingly familiar and the fresh thoughts, without the pedestal effect of other aggregators.

Today was delightful. I was first greeted by Andy Tai's note that GNU arch 1.3.5 is out. I didn't know they were still kicking. I've been dealing a lot with subversion these days, and it's also comforting -- the same commands I always used work better now. Not exactly exciting, but my afán for exciting tools has waned, temporarily perhaps.

After the ever-abstruse nymia, perceptive-of-corporate-machinations robilad, we have the enticing dangling pointer that is apenwarr, ruminating on process and software. I'm not always able to dereference his allusions, but he's always a pleasant read, and has a corpus behind him.

There are more, old hands and new, but what is remarkable is that the advo community has maintained its quality over so long. So here's to advogato. May your community stay rich and accessible as the years roll on. Also, may your software see a series of pleasant, non-obtrusive upgrades.

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