passing through unconscious states

11 July 2006 1:08 AM (guadec | streaming)

Hey world what up.

Me chilling. So I've been getting some questions lately, one might go so far as to say frequently, and well, I figure this podium is as good as any. I didn't not not not make up any of these questions.

I heard you went to a conference. How was it?

Oh it was quite nice. Met a lot of good folks with wonderful minds. Folks like John Hwang, who is going to bend peoples' ideas of what GNOME is; the enigmatic Toni, who wears sunglasses when he is on the interweb; the ubiquitous Alex Gravely; and the unlinkable Pachi (Rafael Villar Burke), for whom the internet is not good enough. Oh and many more also, lots of great people.

But man, it was a lot of work. The work wasn't easily parallelizable either. I wrote about it a bit in my last posting. Took me until this weekend to fully relax, although a bit of mid-week funkadelic did assist.

Um, speaking of which, your last writing product was rather long.

Yeah dude. I didn't even finish either. Thanks for folks to take the time out to comment on it, there were some good tips there. I'll finish up with an article about conference archives, once I figure out all the details.

So what is up with the GUADEC archives then?

I've been pretty busy is basically how it boils down. There's probably about 8 GB to cut, all in all, which pretty much means we have to do it with people at Fluendo, where the archives are. Which is fine, they're all good folks, only that I have to make sure the tools are working properly. Still get core dumps occaisonally, but hey, it's better than working with proprietary software. Anyway as I said I'll write up more about how this is done later.

But from a pragmatic point of view, expect it to be a few more days. This is not a work activity so I don't have oodles of time to devote to it. But once the process works we'll start churning out videos and audio clips.

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