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When travelling, I have an enduring obsession with enumerating the ways that I have moved. So here we go: planes (7 thus far, in 9 airports), taxis, cars, motorcycle, sailboat, bike, buses, trains, metros.

If you are so disposed, you may choose to read "enduring" with the nonstandard pronunciation /ɪndi:rɪŋ/ (en - DEE - ring).

I spent the last week in San Francisco. It's a very civilized place. A lot of my friends from other threads in life have taken it as theirs. Besides the goodness of seeing my people, I really enjoy stepping into their lives, seeing the intersections between people and places.

Also, I would like to mention one thing. Thank you that is all.


Various hacks on guile-gnome recently, none committed -- see we have a forest of GNU arch branches, and I can't remember how they work exactly. In the end I would have to evaluate arch as interesting, but confusing, and ultimately a problem. The need to explicitly mirror and create private branches (two things where there should be zero) for offline operation is very irritating. We have an innovative SCM setup, but I realized a while back I'm not so interested in trading pain for gain anymore. Gain-only need apply! That's why subversion is nice, and why bzr promises to be nicer.

In the short term however it seems I am stuck with pain for a while.

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  1. Present Perfect says:

    [...] The third was learning that Andy is giving up on the arch family. This time, I pre-emptively emulated him the past weekend - I wanted to hack on buildbot some more, and I had had to learn arch/bzr/… because buildbot was being maintained in arch, and it seemed like a good way to have different branches per feature I wanted to hack in, and pull together a “production” branch for internal use from that, while still being able to send stuff upstream. [...]

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