lost my wallet and feeling fine


I hacked a bit more on my version of Original this weekend. It now shows EXIF data, has previous and next links on each photo, medium and high quality images, links to tags with recent activity on the front page, and produces html more like the original original.

It also does "linked tags", tags that appear with other ones. For example, who is jaime's husband, jan or wim? We'll never know.

I've never tagged anything before I started using f-spot. It's quite interesting, and especially useful for photos. Also instead of categories on my web log I'd like tags, with a tag cloud instead of funny hierarchies of categories. I hear wordpress 2.0 assists in this regard -- I should look into upgrading.

Now I just have to go through and tag all of my old photos so they will show up in the gallery.

(Also, I did lose my wallet. I feel fine!)

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