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21 December 2005 8:26 PM (america | politics | gstreamer)

Links I have enjoyed

Richard Stallman interviewed by Z magazine (it's about time). The soul-probing Torture's Long Shadow by Bill Moyers (via titus, whose journal I am enjoying these days). The hyperbolically delicious, via Miguel, who is the first google hit for his first name. There should be a word for that.

Worst plane trip ever

So I realized about half an hour before landing in Washington that I didn't have my tickets any more. I must have lost them in one of the two security searches in Heathrow (security searches in connecting flights?).

I figured I'd just head up to the Virgin Atlantic offices and get them to reprint my paper tickets. After all, this must happen occasionally, and all the information is in the computer anyway. But no. Long story short, I have to buy a new ticket. I can't adequately express my impotent anger at this situation.

On top of it they lost my bag. They called me the next day asking what was in the bag, as in, "what was the deceased wearing?". Two days later I am wearing the same clothes.

(If anyone has any advice about this situation, I'd like to hear it -- wingo at pobox dot com.)

A clarification

It seems Ronald had a nice semester, which is pleasant. However he seems to be under the mistaken impression that GStreamer is a Fluendo project. By my count 37 people contributed to GStreamer over the 0.10 cycle, which easily swamps the half a dozen people that Fluendo occasionally devotes to the project. I'm sure it was an honest mistake.


American toilets are fascinating. So much water! Toilet paper made of clouds! What an odd place.

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