turkey preparations

A few quick notes before my battery dies.

turkey day

For me Thanksgiving will fall on this Saturday. I'm used to it at this point -- it will be my fourth consecutive turkey day out of the states. The market in the center of town has turkeys, and I have a fellow there looking out for a 7-kilo specimen. We'll see what he finds tomorrow. Hopefully he doesn't decide to run it through the meat cutter.

alice and bob notes

John Borwick (sysadmin extraordinaire as well as friend from high school) wrote in to tell me that the network time protocol uses the same strategy as the one I settled on. Of course I read a lot of papers before setting down to do simulations, but I never found a decent explanation of NTP. The FAQ entry he linked to summarizes it nicely. Thanks John!

So yes Dave, it is a (somewhat embarrassing) real life problem -- ask any user of Flumotion that wants to synchronize capture from a webcam and a sound card. Also the rates of the clocks in question can vary (for example with temperature), and have a certain amount of jitter. Finally we're solving that issue now.


I signed up for catalan clases, finally. It's only been 10 months. How the time passes!

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