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dispatches from the land of navel-gazing and quarter notes

Saw a show a couple nights ago, Nada to the Surf. Somehow missed them the first time around. Good energy there.


It was 30 degrees C when we got into Stuttgart. Hotter than Barcelona. Folks there were really digging it -- you could feel a lightness walking down the street, as if movement was achieved by floating rather than footing. I think the locals were all issued with an inner child that they took out for days like that.

Sunday's drizzle put an end to the floatage. The child-like bliss was put back in storage, changed out with quick grumpy shuffling. In all cases the streets and metros were strikingly silent. It could be packed with people but I felt like I was in a padded room. Probably just that transport is loud here in Spain, from the metro roaring on its tracks to the noise-enhanced scooters above ground.


Quite enjoyable, except for the massive headache tuesday morn. Interesting folks met: Andrew Overholt who hacks Eclipse, Ralph Giles who hacks Ogg, Conrad Parker who hacks Annodex and fish, Marius Vollmer who hacks parentheses and is too old school to have a web site, and many others I'm too lazy to list. Ralph and Conrad are working from BCN for a little while, which should produce some fun hacks.

Also, I know nothing whatsoever about any "police" "incident". "OK?"

impressions remixed

I was playing basketball the other day with an old friend in the states, when suddenly I had an "oh shit!" moment -- when did my plane leave? I reached in my pocket for my ticket and it was in two days. Good thing I checked because otherwise I would have missed it. And how long had I been in the states anyway?

When I woke up I had no idea where I was. Barcelona, as it turns out.

fanboy, or, people I envy

This guy bothers me. Everything he does is so... poignant. He even names the only proper word to describe him!!! Comics! Code and poignant (again!) commentary! Enumerate me among your fans.

In related news, Thomas has of late been seeing a "fan error" when booting his laptop. So, as a type of public service, can everyone reading this please mail him telling him what a totally awesome individual he is. Extra points for specific qualities and use of the word "totally". Totally!

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