Headed home

22 May 2005 6:01 PM (random | america | gstreamer)

So the final count is 26 days in the states, up from an intended 10. I catch a redeye to Munich tomorrow, four hours of layover and another flying bus to Barcelona. It's been a good time, but I'm ready to go back. This place is cashed. (Funny how home can refer to both origins and current domicile.)

Also workwise it's been tough to be productive. Haven't been hacking flumotion as much as I should. Did do a fair amount of work on GStreamer 0.9, though. Some things about it are more complicated by nature (more threads in 0.9), while others seem to just keep getting simpler. Jamboree works with 0.9 (with a couple patches), which brings us out of the theoretical world.

I've been on an album-buying kick recently. The most satisfying ones have been the tapes I had in 1998 but lost along the way: Silver Jews, American Waters; Yo La Tengo, I Can Feel the Heart Beating As One. God forbid I see a Belle and Sebastian album, I'll revert to being 18. Other artists: Buck-O-Nine, Neil Young, The Ramones, Mountain Goats, Del McCoury and the Dixie Pals, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver.

Got a Brenda Fassie best-of in a used CD shop in Raleigh, which is odd considering she's a South African pop diva that I used to listen to out in the bush of Namibia. There are some really hot songs on it, but a lot of cheese. Which can be fun, but like Jesus said, man cannot live on cheese alone.

advo update: TazForEver: Don't be too clever.

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