Went to Madrid last weekend to see my sister Ellen and friend Erinn. Good folks, pleasant town. Hadn't been there for five years, but it's more the same than different.

And, El made me banana bread and gumbo. Taste-o-home in a foreign city.

yee ha.

By star-alignment I met up with some friends from Namibia there in Madrid. They had been travelling four months through west Africa, and had loads of crazy stories to tell. We came back to Barcelona Sunday night, and they flew back to the states this morning. We had a great time listening to all my music from there, our memories of being crunched in bush taxis growing somehow fonder in the distance.

The hardest part of the trip is stopping, though. Two and a half years is a lot of momentum.


Ran across this article on intentional types in dynamic languages the other day. Seems relevant to the D-BUS bindings discussion going on p.g.o, especially the part at the end about input and output. Old is new again.


Fixed a couple bugs in the crossposter, added some regexps to deal with the images.

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