Down settleage

I am pleased to report that I have indeed spent two weeks in the same bed. That is more than twice what I was able to manage in the two months preceding this momentous accomplishment.

Other newsies:


I missed Aikido a lot when I was in Namibia, so a couple weeks after getting here I joined up with a local dojo (warning, flash-heavy site). There are two chief instructors, both 4th degree black belts, students of Yamada Sensei in New York. The style is very similar to what was taught at my old dojo back in the states.

I am having a bit of a hard time figuring out who I should listen to in the dojo, though. In the states, the only ones to wear hakamas (the funny divided skirts) were black belts and the couple ranks below that. It was clear who knew what was going on. Here, though, they don't have pre-black-belt ranks, which is fine, but the custom is for any student that's been with the dojo for a year or two to wear the hakama. Although I am a bit rusty, I have more experience than that, but as I'm not from here I don't wear the hakama. It's a double problem: they think I'm new, and so think I need a lot of talk, and I can't tell who's worth listening to. I need help, but not from someone with the same experience as me.

Other than that, it is interesting to have two chief instructors, and of different genders as well. Yamada Sensei is coming this weekend from the states for a seminar, too. I'd like to attend at least a class or two -- we'll see how it works out.


Work is going well. I get to hack a lot of python, which is fun, and I also get to mix it up sometimes with C, when GStreamer needs some work. It's fun to hack on Wim's branch of GStreamer, too -- it's well thought out. And having hackers in the room with you to discuss ideas is just grand. I do wish they would keep their colds to themselves though.


Finally settled in to the new house. I went to Furniture McDonald's (otherwise known as Ikea) to fill my room with sleek scandinavian furniture. I end up hanging out a bit with the roommates, which is nice. They're good folk. Dancers from South America. Yow.


Other than work, I haven't done anything. Perhaps that will change now that I have a place to do it, and now that we've rigged up a wireless network in the house that sucks off the neighbor's connection. Leechin. Until Telef�nica gets their act together, anyway.

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