dangling pointers

I hosted a party last weekend for thanksgiving. A buddy came over two days in advance so we could cook everything. We planned on having two turkeys, but some moron at the grocery store decided to put all their turkeys through the meat cutter. So we had turkles, turkey circles, the shape made when taking the cross section of a drumstick.

It was strange waking up and saying goodbye to people, those ones that are leaving a few weeks early. The momentum of being is so great that after years in a place, it's hard to recognize a turn in the road. You know it's there, but it sneaks up. Now everytime I see someone here I have to calculate if it's the last time. A bit sad, this interstitial time.

It doesn't help that I'm busy still with schoolwork, or that I was too hung over to clean house yesterday (Sunday). They say beer cures a hangover, but it's really just temporary.

It seems Wim Taymans has finally uploaded his grand scheme to, er, well do something to the internals of GStreamer. I'm looking forward to having a gander at it. Might be a nuclear power plant instead of a bikeshed -- will be interesting to see the responses on the list.

The count: +/-7 days to leaving the village, 16 to landing in San Francisco.

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