murrayc candidacy

Although I couldn't tell you off the top of my head what the GNOME foundation board does, even though I get their minutes, murrayc is a good person to have in a position where he can do something. He has done a good job with the platform bindings -- I dont thing that they would have the quality that they do wihout his leadership. murrayc for foundation board: let's give him more chances to do something.

corba continued

motion without purpose

Got a few comments on my uninformed CORBA rant. I can't find the reference, but it's interesting what Don Box said about COM, that M$ won't pump more dollars into ole32.dll. Instead, the new focus would be on messages. I don't know why the shift has come about, but compare to CORBA vs. D-BUS. (I was StudlyCapsing before, following the API. Now I'm with the cool kids, hyphenated caps.)

djcb is right though, that the problem space is beastly. Activation, typesafe idl interfaces, blech!

lisp weenie

This is hilarious. I definitely went through those phases.

home life

Last Wednesday marked two years in Africa.

From the counting-the-other-way department, only 45 days left. 6 weekends, and they're all spoken for: medical, administrative, but mostly parties. My hack level will drop to nothing soon, not to recover until February maybe.

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