Anarchists now and then

I didn't realize that Le Monde diplomatique was online, and I didn't realize that they were even publishing Edward Said. Good for them, and good for me.

Their September edition has a nice article out in English, Anarchist outrages (Rick Coolsaet), comparing the scare of anarchism in the 1890s with terrorism today. I knew the history, but I wasn't clever enough to draw the parallels myself. An interesting read, indeed.


I was sitting in the village the other day having a beer when my tate (elder of the house) rolled up and said, in Oshiwambo, "let's go". I didn't ask where, we just went. We showed up at a homestead, were escorted into a hut in the back, and sat down to drink some home-made sorghum beer. Good stuff. It's way better than TV having a strange whitey in the corner of your hut, especially if the person can talk back.

After a while they brought out the food. There was fish, chicken, goat, and snake. I went for the snake, of course. It was a puff adder, killed maybe a couple days back and set out to dry a bit. It tasted like fish, but the skin was like chicken. Mmm. Snake.

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