project updates

advogato note: seems I have to manually put paragraph tags on the paragraphs. A bit clumsy. Should probably figure out a way to run the filters before posting.


In light of the continuing downtime on Savannah (8 months!), guile-gnome has a new home on Gna!. Release will be coming this week, hopefully.


The various unstable libraries that soundscrape depends on are finally getting released: g-wrap, guile-gnome, and gstreamer. GStreamer's been stable for a while, but I've finally gotten around to getting my patches in the repository. The result is that the upcoming 0.8.4 release will be usable by soundscrape. Good stuff!

On a more interesting note, I rewrote the page in the documentation about making music (as opposed to just "sound"). Interesting stuff. I'm to the point now where I can think about how to build the higher-level language alluded to in the last section. But I'll get a release out first, methinks.

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