where we're at

good things

Eleven new computers have arrived from schoolnet namibia. Cold Reinheitsgebot beer is available for purchase in the village, and omagongo is in season (and no longer sour). I wrote a nice algorithm to sort the runqueue for GStreamer pipelines. Our official opening of the new computer lab will be on national TV. Internet at the school is coming again, after five months' absence. Soundscrape had its web page updated, and it works with stable GStreamer. Our learners might talk over IRC with the president.

bad things

The four computers we used to have don't work with the new system. I've had to learn much more than I wanted to know about NFS and udp packet fragmentation, trying to solve this problem. It's still not fixed. Internet's not here now, meaning I have to lug my laptop to town tomorrow to check email. g-wrap is blocking the release of guile-gnome, guile-gstreamer, and soundscrape.

unknown factors

I hope my server is back up by the time this gets posted. I'm becoming drunk.

I think the balance is in the good's favor, though.


That was written Tuesday afternoon, now it's Tuesday evening. I just came back from across the way, where I went with my meme and tate (elders) to eat meat and drink omagongo. The meat was nice, but what was even nicer was that I was okamatyona, the small boy. The small boy sits by the gourd and serves the elders their beverages. It's nice to not be the great white strange guest-savior -- and it's only taken, what, a year and a half? (To be fair, perhaps it took me that long to be competent in serving out of the gourd-spoon.)

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