to be juiced


Have I mentioned how much GStreamer 0.8 is going to ROCK? For real. I have an implementation of the SuperCollider spawner working in scheme/gstreamer. Rock to the power of rock.

homestead life

No matter how good I think my Oshiwambo gets, I always get taken down to small-size by Meme Maria, the elder woman in the house. She has to get other kids in the house to translate my poor utterances into proper phrases she can understand.

We're heading into omagongo season, an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting the fruit of the omugongo tree. There's a tree that hangs over my tin roof, and it's early in the season so I'm still startled to hear them falling. In other parts of southern Africa they're called marula fruit -- I never made the connection until Meme described the stuff we were drinking today as omalula, "sour". So I wonder: is marula from "sour", or does "sour" mean "like a marula fruit"? This language is interesting :)

Another interesting omagongo connection: the fruits are made into juice by holding one (they're small) and twisting out the pit with a cow horn. To be drunk is to be kolwa, a word that literally means "juiced", like you just had your brains twisted out with a cow horn. At least that's how I felt last Saturday...


Seems the author of SC took the old docs off the web. A shame, they're really interesting.

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