roasted baby jesus


Can you believe Peace Corps wants us on lariam for two and a half years? I took it for a while (about 8 months), but stopped when I heard lots of rumors about liver problems and South African doctors not prescribing it for more than 3 mos at a time, resting 6 mos in between. I'm concerned about malaria, yes -- there's a mossie net around my bed, but still a lot get in -- but I don't want permanent liver damage.

But I won't lie -- I liked the dreams :-) One night I dreamt I ate baby Jesus, roasted spit-style on a small cross. Wow. Bizarre.

new year

And we're slowly ramping up. Difficult to get back in the internet groove though -- the wireless tower between my village and town was damaged or something.

Holiday was nice: Windhoek to Cape Town, over to Durban, up through Swazi and Botswana to re-enter Namibia through the Caprivi. Lots of km though, didn't get to chill as much as I'd have liked.

May this be the year of guile-gnome!

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