catching chickens


One last diatribe before going on holiday -- I think info sucks. Its navigation is not intuitive at all. Unless you do research, it's just not easy to use (I just now learned about the "i" and "m" commands). Plus their idea of cross-references sucks (*Note* appended to every entry? please...).

However, I like texinfo a lot, for reasons I've already mentioned. Info dates from the days when it was too slow to process a texinfo file on-the-fly. Now, it is possible to do so (unlike docbook -- gnome-help is sooooo slooow). I wrote a graphical texinfo viewer, of which you can check a screenie. I still need to implement indexing, but once that is finished it will be complete. Texinfo is a nice format, it just needs some 21st-century loving. One last note: texinfo is not comparable to man. It is more comparable to docbook. The challenge is to bring this book-level power down to the level of the command-line user. I'm not sure this can be done. holiday There's a wedding party at my house tonight (no, not my wedding ;) -- I've been catching chickens all week in preparation. We just bought a big bull from town to give to the bride today -- it's so beautiful, it's almost a shame it will be on my plate tomorrow. Almost. But then on Sunday I'll hitch down to Windhoek, then to Capetown the day after, and then... well I don't know either. So. Wonderful holidays to all, and safe travels. Catch you all next year. update Uraeus: You caught me before heading out :) soundscrape is the project I'm working on, but the help system hasn't been split out from the rest of the project yet (although you can read about it in the stext and help module documentation. But, it depends on patches to guile-gnome that aren't in CVS yet (savannah probs). Next year, my friend!

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