hereby dubbed


I hereby dub guile-gnome a GNU project.

And so it is. We've split from the old guile-gtk because it's a new codebase and guile-gnome is a much more proper name (it's all of gnome, both more and less than gtk). Thanks to all involved for their support, especially Marius Vollmer (maintainer for guile-gtk).

murrayc: a gnome languages binding mailing list? who knew? ;) I'll get on now... Not that guile-gnome can be stable in time for gnome 2.6. Catch you on the next release iteration, though :)

When we do get stable, it will be a nice thing, though. There are a fair number of apps that use guile, but none of them use it for the gui (gnucash, drgeo, aisleriot, snd, ardour (iirc -- and this one also uses gtkmm)...


Math results are a disaster. Median final marks are running at about 20-25% (30% is the minimum pass mark). I hope physical science is better.


Hopefully, anyway... let's see if we can find one in time for the weekend ;)

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