why texinfo?

frequent postage these days...


The project will be renamed to guile-gnome, because it really covers all bindings in the gnome family. There will be some administrative hassles with gnu.org I think, which is somewhat irritating, but in the future things should run smoothly. I hate all this waiting, though.

structured text

I've clarified my idea on what structured text is -- just texinfo, expressed in s-expressions, without elements that need preprocessing (macros, includes, etc). I feel like I'm always reinventing the wheel these days, as an apt-get source or an apt-get install could take forever on this connection, so it's faster for me just to reimplement. Ah well, it's stimulating hacking.

I was wondering to myself why I am attracted to texinfo instead of docbook, and I came up with these reasons. None of them are decisive on their own, but all together they tipped the balance for me:

  1. Texinfo is really good at indexing

  2. Texinfo is easy to write

  3. It is easy to get high-quality print output with texinfo

  4. It is easy to embed fragments of texinfo in source code comments and docstrings that can then be processed out

Now I just need to finish changing the to texinfo from html. A side benefit of this structured-text project is that I can write a more flexible texinfo->html translator, something able to reproduce the xhtml as it stands now. Man, if I keep delaying like this, my projects will burst forth fully-formed from the sea-foam, Aphrodite-style ;) teaching... ...or lack thereof. No exams today, no teaching, yet all of the learners and teachers are here. Why? I don't know. So I'm pissing away time on the internet :P

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