perfectly good airplanes


I put in some custom bindings for GtkTreeView and GtkTextView (and associated classes). Now we have a guile-gtk-demo, and there's a guile-implemented tree model there too (modeled after jamesh's python tree model).

I started to wrap libvte so many graphical repl windows can be created, but that's going slow. Looks like I need to wrap GdkEvent specially before I can capture keypresses and feed them to the terminal. Also I'm kindof bummed that I can't use readline, as it stores state in static variables. Maybe if I fork and run the readline in a separate guile process, but that sucks.


Not so much work going on there. I've sketched out what I want the graphical part to look like, but I need to wrap that graphical repl first.


Went skydiving last weekend. It was pretty cool. It was my first jump so they had me attached to a "static line" which actually pulled out the main chute. The free fall was just about a second or two. Everything went fine, my lines weren't even twisted. A wind change put me down into a field though. Maybe I'll go again at the end of November.

A weird time, though. A lot of those (white) people were constantly badmouthing the black folks (where I live and with whom I work). I'm used to dealing with it from growing up in North Carolina, so I personally could still enjoy myself. But those people live in a strange world.

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