Been a little while.

So, the news:


I'm going to Namibia with the Peace Corps to teach physics. I leave in October for three months of training there, which is followed by two years of service. I'm quite excited about the whole thing :)

I would like to see if I can't get a community-based recording studio started up. I'll have some facilities in the school, but it would be really nice to have a network connection. I'm going to fix up my laptop for audio work and get a little mixer, maybe four channels or something. If anyone has equipment, advice, or leads on some funding that would be most useful. Thanks.


I've been plugging away at GStreamer's editor still. I hate having menu items that don't do anything, so I decided to make it feature-complete before releasing. I'd also like to make it threadsafe so that video can be played reliably.

In other news, GStreamer is in debian experimental now, yay! Thanks go to David Schleef and dlehn.


Still waiting tables, blah. That won't last too long. Five year high school reunion coming up soon, should be fun.

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