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adding help to an application

I'm starting down the (potentially ugly) road to adding help to the gstreamer pipeline editor. There are a number of features that would be desirable:

  • The ability to link to other installed documents on the system (the application developer's manual comes to mind, as does the plugin documentation once it gets written). These documents are available as HTML, produced from docbook-xml, and could be given devhelp indices.

  • Readability. The Gnome 1 docs look horribly ugly, to me.

  • A nice interface to C programs

I started by trying to access the help to the panel on my gnome2 sid box. It popped up an error saying that "gnome-help" could not be executed. A bad sign for the most visible gnome app, eh ;) -- the version of gnome-help in sid is for gnome 1. I asked on #docs on gimpnet and was pointed to yelp, which somehow wasn't picked up by any gnome dependency. Wow. Yelp is rad. It's very pretty, and it directly views docbook-xml. And the C api is really easy to use, especially with the gnome-app-helper stuff. I'm pleased this isn't as hard as it could have been.

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