to the dark continent

word up!

peace corps

I'm going to Africa, yo. To teach math. In October. Assuming the medical check doesn't come up with anything, and I'm pretty fit so I should be OK. No, I don't know where. And it's not certain until the end of August; I've been " nominated" but not yet invited. Craziness! I'm pretty excited about the whole thing.

There are actually IT-type jobs in the peace corps, but the ones available weren't for another 9 months or so. I want to go soon, yo.


Someone was talking about raleigh. It's not all that bad. spot, was that you? Didn't you go to my high school? Long time no see. Anyway, I like cupajoe (hillsborough street only -- the other ones suck imo), the jackpot, mitch's, the pr, and i just found a pool hall that's pretty nice, snooker's up near wellspring. about 4 bucks/person/hr, nice tables and sticks.


Feeling unmotivated. Added a lame-o sorting algorithm to gst-editor; it doesn't know about bin boundaries yet. Still, it's kindof neat to see the boxes bounce around on the screen. I used a potential energy model, where the boxes slide down potential gradients. Also, the connections have an optimal distance and obey hooke's law. No momentum though, wouldn't make sense I don't think. See the example java applet for what I'm trying to do. There are a few differences, but the essentials are the same.

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