Photoblogger is a GNOME application to help you post photos on a web log. Just drag your picture onto the window, rename it as you like, and click to upload. It's that easy.

Getting photoblogger

The latest release is photoblogger-0.2.tar.gz. If you want to hack photoblogger, you can pull the code from the bzr repository via bzr get //

Photoblogger is written in the Guile dialect of Scheme. It uses the guile-gnome libraries. Debian-based distributions should be able to install guile-gnome-platform without problems; other distros might have difficulties. See the guile-gnome web page for more information.

Note that if you have a very high-latency connection (as I did when I wrote this), you might run into a gnome-vfs bug while attempting to open an sftp connection where it times out after 10 seconds. You'll see this in the UI as an "IO error". If you hack your gnome-vfs to remove the timeval parameter to select in sftp-method.c, that will "fix" it for you.


I don't really do anything anymore with this code. Original serves my purposes better, and has some of the same ideas that I worked with here (scaling with gdk-pixbuf, transfers via gnome-vfs). But, if you want to shoot me a mail, wingo at is it.