Guile Present

(present org-mode)


Routines to read files written in Emacs' org-mode, parsing them into the presentation SXML language.


org->presentation port

Parse a file written in Emacs' org-mode into the presentation SXML format.

Note that only a limited subset of org-mode's syntax is understood. Specifically, inline text formatters (e.g. _emphasized_) are not parsed, although it would be nice to do so in the future.

Here is an example of a document that this code understands:

# -*- mode: org; fill-column: 34 -*-
#+TITLE: Presentation title

* Outline

First we talk about this

Then we talk about that

* This

** This: foo

 * Foo is an elegant solution
   to problems in the bar domain
   * Still, baz
 * Zag
 * Metasyntactic